Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pool, Patio, and Pergola

Following Roger Krajnak Architects’ complete interior renovation of this home, the owner commissioned RKA to transform the rear yard into a serene setting for a pool, a patio, and a pergola that captured the spirit of this “sophisticated cottage”.  The raised travertine-clad water garden at the head of the swimming pool features water lilies and a blue tile wall that extends up from the pool.  Three water scuppers in this wall provide the soothing sound signature of splashing water.  Along the south side of the pool, the new pergola provides a place for relaxation in the shade which is provided by a canopy of aluminum pergola pipes.  As the pergola pipes heat up in the sun, the air rises, and a cooling breeze is drawn from across the pool into the sitting area of the pergola.

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